Holy Shire

Folk Metal - Booking

The band was founded by Max (drummer) in October 2009 with the aim of writing and performing original metal music with a symphonic and epic inspiration. Found the first members of the band, we started composing songs and soon after playing in clubs in Milan. In the summer of 2010 a backing vocals female singer and a flute player joined the band, essential addition to give our music a taste of magic and fantasy and we recorded the first demo with 6 tracks. In fall we played at the Celtic New Year’s Fest in Milan (an important Italian folk festivalwww.capodannoceltico.com), continued to write, and in January 2011 recorded at Twilight Studio the last song we composed, “Holy Shire”, chosen for the Emergency Metal compilation Vol. 1 and included in the compilation distributed with “Rock Hard” Magazine in May 2011. We also played live for the inmates of the Jail of Milan Bollate, an intense and unique experience. On July 11 we got back to the studio to record an EP, “Pegasus”, which is freely downloadable from FB and two videos, “Moonrise” and the cover “Greensleeves”, available on YouTube.. After composing 7 new songs, in May 2012 we recorded our first album “Midgard” that will be presented in 2014. At the end of July 2012 we were selected with “Greensleeves” for the new version of the unsigned bands contest Rock (r) Evolution by Vasco Rossi. Unfortunately the competition was suspended. At the beginning of 2013 we changed some members and a new bassist and an Argentinian opera lady singer joined the band. On April 2013 we shot the new video that will be used to launch the single “Winter is coming”, loosely based on Game of Thrones’ fantasy saga.


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